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Week 1: 49ers 33, Seahawks 17

by Eric Tellez for NFLMIX.com on 13 Sept 2011

I've been searching the online media looking for information on the 49ers Week 1 victory and I've been surprised by some of the comments left my fans on the bottoms of the articles.

"So what? We beat the Seahawks. No big deal." "Alex Smith still needs to go". "Jim Harbaugh got lucky the special teams bailed him out." Did I miss something?

I remember Week One of last season, sitting down comfortably in my chair with my nachos and my Big Red soda, putting on the game, and waiting for the season to start so we called begin our march towards the playoffs. And what happened? We lost. We lost bad.

Then we lost again. And again. And the losing continued to happen until the very end when a very weak St. Louis Rams team knocked us out of playoff contention and eventually sent the Seahawks to the playoffs with a 7-9 record. The Week One loss changed the season for the 49ers, it was something that they never recovered from. It's something that I knew could be righted with a Week 1 victory in 2011. And we got it! But where's the happiness?

Jim Harbaugh is undefeated, yes it's only been 1-game but it's better than win less, Ted Ginn is showing that he can be a factor after a lot of people had written him off, Seattle is down a game to us in the division. Things might not be looking great, but they are looking UP and sometimes that's just as important for a team that has struggled for so long.

I'm not making bold predictions. I'm not going to say we're going to the Super Bowl or even going to playoffs. What am I saying is that it's time to change the attitude, it's time to change the good win vs bad win mentally, it's time to remember that when moving ahead it's not the size of the step, but the direction.

Eric Tellez is an independent football journalist from Las Cruces, NM. He has written for NFLMIX.com for two season and writes for 49ersmix.com every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. You can reach him at cover4@rocketmail.com to talk football anytime.

'Niners Need Homeruns

by ERIC TELLEZ for NFLMIX.com on 28 April 2010

In today's draft the San Francisco 49ers are in one of the more unique situations considering that regardless of whether or not they finish first, or last, in the division there would be no surprises. Talent wise, the 49ers may believe that they have what it takes to compete with anyone in the league but when you look deeper it's not a very pretty picture. Take away LB Patrick Willis and TE Vernon Davis and who on this team scares you? Which player would you want to have if you were starting a franchise from the ground up?

The 10-picks we have in this year's draft are the most we have had since we drafted 9-players in 2007 and we need get at least TWO players that can contribute immediately for this draft to be a success.

Here's how I see the drafting taking shape at the time of the writing:

QB - Yes, we need one and something tells me it's going to be......Alex Smith. Sure, Missouri quarterback Blaine Gabbert would be great but he's going to be an Arizona Cardinal, according to everyone they are madly in love with the guy. There could be consideration for Florida State's Christian Ponder or maybe Washington's Jake Locker but the 49ers are rebuilding and they are going to focus on other positions this year.

Round 1: CB Patrick Peterson from LSU. Some draft reports have him the #1 overall pick in the entire draft. CB's Nate Clements isn't what he used to be. What he used to be isn't even what he used to be. Shantae Spencer is solid but not spectacular.

Round 2: LB Justin Houston from Georgia. When I think back in time I can't remember the 49ers having a fantastic pass-rushing linebacker since the days of Charles Haley. Houston could be that guy. He also has some experience on the defensive line and that could come in handy as well.

Round 3: S Chris Conte from California. It's hard to admit that the 49ers need to consider drafting a safety just one year after taking one in the 2nd round but I don't think the team has a choice.

Round 4: QB Pat Devlin from Delaware. Am i dreaming with this pick? Absolutely. Devlin will be long gone by the time the 49ers get to this pick but it sure is nice to dream. I'd be feeling great if we could get a quarterback in the 4th round though, maybe Greg McElroy from Alabama.

Round 4: RB Taiwan Jones from Eastern Washington. A small-school change of pace back, Jones can not only turn the corner, he can also catch the ball and get hard yardage. A great compliment for RB Frank Gore.

Round 5: WR Jeremy Kerley from TCU. This pick might drive some of my readers crazy and I can understand why. On the surface this guy looks like another Ted Ginn, Jr. but I love his ability to blow a game-up. I'm getting tired of being envious of Eagles and Bears fans that have a guy that can change a game in a split second.

Round 6: LB Owen Marecic from Stanford. Has a history with coach Jim Harbaugh and can double as a fullback when needed to. Some will say I'm sentimental for wanting to see a Harbaugh/Marecic reunion but the truth is, Marecic is a FOOTBALL PLAYER and that's what we need. A guy that loves to play and if we don't appreciate his value chances are a team like the Patriots will.

Round 6: C Zane Taylor from Utah. Last year we took a guard and a tackle. This year we add to the line and bring in the center.

Round 7: DT Adrian Taylor from Oklahoma. The defensive line needs a little bit of help but has some time before it becomes a main focus of concern. This would be a good time to take a chance and see if Taylor can cash in on his flashes of greatness.

Round 7: TE Kyle Adams from Purdue. I know we have Vernon Davis. I know we drafted Nate Byham last year. But the last pick tends to be a pick that you just want to take a chance on and I believe Kyle Adams could make Byham real uncomfortable.

Eric Tellez is a team writer from Las Cruces, NM. He has been a contributor for NFLMIX.com for 2-years. Email him at footballfreepress@yahoo.com to talk football anytime.

The Alex Smith Soap Opera

by Eric Tellez for NFLMIX.COM

Alex Smith.
Do I like Alex Smith? The answer would be yes. Do I think Alex Smith can be a good quarterback in the NFL? The answer would again be yes. Do I want Alex Smith quarterbacking my team? That would be a no. But it's not because I don't think he can do the job.

Like all relationships the strength is in the details. A person not intimately familiar with the inner workings doesn't really know what's going on but it seems like this is the perfect opportunity for this team to cut ties while not totally tainting Alex Smith's chance at redemption. If Alex Smith is not re-signed he could go to any team and say "Look, new coach, new system, he wants his people and I'm not one of them." But if San Francisco keeps Alex Smith, even if it's just for one more season, and things don't out work that closes the book on Smith. At that point, he becomes too much of a risk for a team to take a chance on. There would be too much baggage and too many missed opportunities. This is the perfect time to make a perfect exit.

I really want Smith to have a fresh start. I know that his struggles in San Francisco aren't entirely his fault. He had some pretty bad offensive lines, next to zero consistency at the offensive co-coordinator position, and some talent that was either under qualified, over appreciated, and in some cases down right over matched. Throw in the injuries and you have what amounts to what we have now; a team in need of a new direction and a player that has earned his right to look for a fresh start. If the 49ers are hoping to keep Smith for a season, just because their waiting for something better it's the wrong thing to do. Everyone envolved; the fans, the players and the franchise deserve better.

Till next time. ET! Email me at footballfreepress@yahoo.com anytime you want to talk 49ers football or your favorite team.

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