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49ers May Have Multiple Holes To Fill in 2010

by: Eric Tellez ***Jan 18, 2010*** sfreport15@gmail.com

In order to keep from being considered a "monopoly" the NFL has to allow players the opportunity to see what their values are in the open market and sign contracts with teams that are offering the best financial packages. This term is known as "free agency" and their are two categories that players fall into:

RESTRICTED: A player with 3-years experience is allowed to test the market and make a deal with another team. The player's original team can match the dollar amount and keep the player or choose not to match the offer and lose the player. There is a catch however, the team that signs the player has to give the first team a compensatory draft pick of original equal value. Example; player X is drafted by the 49ers in the 3rd round, the player signs a free agent contract with the Oakland Raiders, the Raiders have to give the 49ers their 3rd round pick in this year's draft. All restricted free agents HAVE TO BE SIGNED no later than 7 days before the draft.

UNRESTRICTED: A player can sign with any team of his choice for any amount of money as long as it is at-or-above the league minimum for that position and experience.

The 49ers have 2 Restricted free agents and 1o unrestricted free agents.

OG David Baas - Can play center, left guard, right guard, and make an impact on special teams. This will be the one player that the 49ers will try to keep.

LB Ahmad Brooks - A raw talent, Brooks has been cut-and-resigned by the team numerous times in the last couple of seasons. But when given the opportunity to take the field as a pass-rushing linebacker he came on strong. Could be a steal if the 49ers can continue to develop him.

WR Arnaz Battle - Great supporting player but on wrong side of 30-years old. I would love to see Battle back with the 49ers but don't think he'll return.

CB Dre Bly - A great cornerback, would be fantastic opposite CB Nate Clements but asking price may be too high for 49ers.

CB Walt Harris - Finished the season on the injured reserve. At 36-years old Harris may be too much a risk to pay the kind of salary he'd deserve for his years of service.

FS Marcus Hodson - Has struggled at times but Safety Michael Lewis has been concussion prone lately and is looking older. I believe that the 'Niners will hold onto Hodson and groom him to fill in for Lewis.

DT Aubrayo Franklin - One of the main reasons why the 49ers were among the best in stopping the run. Doesn't get a lot of credit or big numbers but Franklin is going to be a big signing for someone on the way up.

OT Tony Pashos - Suffered a season ending shoulder injury one month after joining the team. I'd like to see him return at 100% and earn a shot on next year's team.

S Mark Roman - Roman was unhappy most of 2009 and asked the 49ers to trade him. Will likely not return.

OT Barry Sims - The 49ers like Sims because he can play guard and tackle and has been one of the lineman that has shown an ability to adapt to the different offenses.

LB Jeff Ulbrich - Will have to retire due to concussions. Ulbrich was a career 49er playing with
team since he was drafted in 2000.

LB Matt Wilhelm - Was signed last season when LB Jeff Ulbrich was placed on injured reserve. Great leader and a smart player, I hope the 49ers can keep him.


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