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GM is Out; Mystery is In

by Eric Tellez *March 19, 2010*

The 49ers have announced that GM Scott McCloughan has left the team for personal reasons and will have his day-to-day responsibilities passed onto Pro Personnel Director Tom Gamble and Director of Player Personnel Trent Baalke. McCloughan's agent has been making statements to the media that McCloughan has not been released from the team while McCloughan's quotes seem to speak of his time in San Francisco in the past tense. And to have this happen just a few weeks before the draft raises even more suspicions.

Playing Catch-up

Scott McCloughan has been a lighting rod for fan criticism since he joined the team in 2005. He was the GM that oversaw the longest rookie holdout in 22-years when he couldn't sign WR Michael Crabtree, has been an outspoken supporter of QB Alex Smith, and made CB Nate Clements the HIGHEST PAID defensive player in history. If you want to get rid of the guy the reasons were there, but the 49ers haven't officially done that regardless of what anyone, including McCoughan himself, seems to think.

Downward Spiral

I was home watching NFL network when the report came-out on the bottom line. I immediately logged onto Google to find out that McCloughan was being given less responsibility and his jobs were being delegated to other members of the staff because of "personal reasons". I went to bed and woke-up to find that he had vacated the building. That's a pretty rapid turn of events, going from less jobs to NO job in the span of 24-hours tells you that things either went downhill quickly or had been in the works for a while. But if the wheels were already in motion why not keep them turning till after the draft and pretend that the GM is busy doing other things? Something just isn't right.

Just A Game

Regardless of the reason we hope that Scott McCloughan and his family are in good health and that his "personal reasons" are kept private. 'Niner fans, it's time to circle the wagons and give our full support to Tom Gamble and Trent Baalke until we get McCloughan back or get a new GM. But for the sake of everyone involved, I hope whatever happens goes down sooner, rather than, later.

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