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'Niners Actions Are Doing The Talking

by Eric Tellez

Now is not the time to panic. In a world where free agency has gone mad the 49ers remain one of the lone bastions of sanity. Let the other teams throw their money around and get into high dollar contracts with players that may never show-up to work after signing, the 49ers have mastered the chaos.

From a division stand-point the Seattle Seahawks & St. Louis Rams are further behind in their rebuilding efforts and the Arizona Cardinals are on the decline. There is no need to play Eddie DeBartolo-Warbucks when the 49ers can win the division with what they have now and continue to rebuild through the draft. Sure, they could use some help on the offensive line and some depth at safety would be fantastic. But even though there are concerns, they are concerns that don't have to dealt with immediately.

If you want to win in the NFL you have to stop the run and Franchise tagging NT Aubrayo Franklin is a huge step in the right direction. The 49ers gave Franklin a 1-yr $7-million deal that allows them to negotiate a bigger contract during the season. It gives the 49ers one more year to evaulate Franklin and shows Franklin that the team IS willing to spend money if it's worth the return.

The 49ers have also kept linebackers Matt Wilhelm and Ahmad Brooks which should help a lot next year. Brooks, who hasn't signed but isn't going to be allowed to leave, is a talented up-and-comer and even though Wilhelm isn't a stat monster he is the kind of player that great teams build on. He reminds a lot of Mike Walter.

The line is going to benefit from the re-signing of David Baas as well. If we could draft him some help it'd be even better!

Let the Redskins spend $10 million for a long snapper and make the headlines. We'll be busy working on our foundation.

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