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Who Is.....Josh Morgan

by Eric Tellez

Today I'm going to be starting a new feature for the column called "Who Is..." that will focus on an individual player just to give some fans out there a little idea about the make-up of next year's team. Some of these players, Alex Smith & Michael Crabtree for instance, are well known throughout the league so I'll be saving those players for the end. As always, you can always email your thoughts at cmnpsportsnet@gmail.com. Et

WHO IS...Josh Morgan

Jersey #: 84

School: Virginia Tech

Position: Wide Receiver

Experience: 3rd year, drafted in the 6th round (174 overall) in 2008.

In an odd bit of deja vu, Josh Morgan brings to mind a lot of memories of WR Mike Sherrard. Sherrard came to the 49ers after being cut by the Dallas Cowboys due to numerous knee injuries and was always on the verge of amazing. The 'Niners receiving corps during the late 80's and early 90's was Jerry Rice on one side, John Taylor on the other, and a promise that one day Sherrard was going to be healthy and West Coast offense was going to go to new and incredible new places.

Flash forward to 2008 and the drafting of Josh Morgan out of Virginia Tech. Morgan immediately made a huge impression in his rookie training camp and even had some people saying first year starter. But then he got sick, lost weight, and just when he seemed to be getting comfortable again, tore his groin. His final numbers; 20 catches, 3 touchdowns, 16-yard average.

In 2009, Morgan was a starter coming out of training camp and was expected to stretch the field while veteran WR Isaac Bruce and TE Vernon Davis did the dirty work-up the middle. The addition of WR Michael Crabtree was supposed to give the team TWO young, explosive playmakers but it never developed. Crabtree showed signs of greatness, Davis elevated his play, and Morgan sort of faded not being able to replace Bruce on the field.

Now 2010 is coming upon us and the time is here for Morgan to reach his potential starting opposite Crabtree. The talent is there, the size doesn't go away, and the speed is building on the inside ready to unleash on the rest of the league. All you'd have to do is think back to the team's experiment with Morgan at kick returner to know that this man is dangerous with the ball in his hands. But deep down inside I'm always leery that something else is going to creep-up and take Morgan down again.

They called Sherrard "Jessie James" because they said that he "stole money" by always being on the team but never being on the field. This year we find out if Josh Morgan is this generation's outlaw or the final piece to our playoff puzzle.


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