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Who is....Ted Ginn, Jr.

by Eric Tellez

Who is: Ted Ginn, Jr.
Jersey: #19
School: Ohio State University
Position: Wide Receiver & Return Specialist
Experience: 4th season. Drafted 1 round (#9 overall) in 2007 amateur draft.

Let's start out by stating the obvious; getting Ted Ginn, Jr. from the Miami Dolphins for a 5th round selection is a steal. There's going to be some people out there that will tell you that he drops the ball too much (he's does) and that he hasn't played well enough to have earned a top 10 draft selection (he hasn't) but when you consider that all we lost in return is a low round draft pick you have to feel like we pulled a fast one on the Dolphins.

Michael Crabtree, Josh Morgan, and Ted Ginn give the 49ers three young, highly talented playmakers at wide receiver and with Arnaz Battle leaving for Pittsburgh the addition of Ginn not only cancels out Battle's contribution it also gives the 'Niners an outstanding punt and kick returner. Ted Ginn is explosive in the open field and a big play on special teams is often the difference between a win and lose in today's NFL.

The critics will tell you that Ginn has averaged only 43-catches a season since he came into the league. I'll be the first to concede that kind of production is not what you want from the investment you make in a top 10 pick but in the right situation 43-catches may be perfect. Doing the figures in my head 43-catches a season comes out tooooooo 2 catches a game. Let's say you have Crabtree double teamed with a safety, Vernon Davis keeping the linebackers honest, and Morgan working hard against his coverage. Perfect time to go over the top to the young, speed demon that's matched-up against the enemies 4th best defensive back. Just thinking about the possibilities has to get you excited.

If I'm describing Josh Morgan in one word I come-up with "potential". Crabtree would have to be "star". Ginn is already striking me as "playmaker".

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  1. There is no question we straight up stole him from the Dolphins. He might not be worth the first round pick they use, but playmakers are always worth more than a 5. Plus he doesn't have nearly as much off-field negatives as other impact receivers you could add.

  2. I'm sorry but I think even a 5th round choice was too high, comparing to other trades that involved 5th rd picks and the players involved. Look at this year's draft (which was deep), the player drafted in the 5th rd right below the 49ers' pick was Cam Thomas. I hope he pans out, but his track record says he'll help some but will also hurt some with his tendency for shying away from contact and dropped balls. I think 6th rd pick would've been fair deal, 7th rd pick is steal.