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Some Random Playoff Numbers

by Eric Tellez

I have to admit that I love all the enthusiasm circling around about the 49ers next season. Everywhere you turn the words "49ers" and "playoffs" are being used in the same sentence for the first time since the Buccs and Raiders were NFL powerhouses. All the playoff excitement got me thinking, then reading, and finally counting 49er playoff history. Here's some random numbers that I hope you may find interesting.

49ers in WildCard games have 3 wins, 2 loses.
49ers in Divisional playoff games have 13 wins, 7 loses.
49ers in NFC Championship games have 5 wins, 9 loses.
49ers in Super Bowls have 5 wins, 0 loses.

49ers post season records vs. opponents

vs Giants 4 wins, 3 loses
vs Bears 3 wins, o loses
vs Redskins 3 wins, 1 lose
vs Bengals 2 wins, o loses
vs Cowboys 2 wins, 5 loses
vs Broncos 1 win, o loses
vs Chargers 1 win, o loses
vs Dolphins 1 win, o loses
vs Eagles 1 win, o loses
vs Rams 1 win, o loses
vs Yankees 1 win, o loses
vs Lions 1 win, 1 lose
vs Packers 1 win, 3 loses
vs Buccaneers o wins, 1 lose
vs Falcons o wins, 1 lose
vs Browns o wins, 1 lose

Quarterback Records As Playoff Starters

Joe Montana has 14 wins, 5 loses
Steve Young has 8 wins, 6 loses
John Brodie has 2 wins, 3 loses
Jeff Garcia has 1 win, 2 loses
Frankie Albert has 1 win, 1 lose
Y.A. Tittle has o wins, and 1 lose

Like all sports, the past very seldom has any bearing on the future but after looking over these numbers I feel a little bit better about a potential match-up with Minnesota and not so comfortable with a game that places us in the path of Green Bay. Be back in a couple days to pick-up where I left off with 49er player profiles. It's great to be back! Et


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