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Winning Solves Everything

by Eric Tellez

The world of sports is full of cliches and clever little phrases that can be inserted to stifle even the best of sports journalists. "We have to take it one game at a time" and "I have to give a lot of credit to my offensive line" are two of my personal favorites. But the phrase "Winning Solves Everything" has a lot of meaning in 49ersland these days with the team going against a tricky Philadelphia Eagles team.

The Eagles have lost a starting quarterback and replaced him with...their starting quarterback? Sure Kevin Kolb is not as versatile a guy as Michael Vick but at one point not too long ago he was the franchise and the future. The Philadelphia Eagles are also struggling running the ball which helps but considering that the Eagles are primarily a pass first offense how much effort do you really need from your backs? Macklin, Jackson, Celek could cause chaos if allowed to run wild. Or not, there have been times when the Philly Big-3 have gone silent for extended periods of time. Philadelphia has a lot of questions going into this Sunday's game, the only team with more is, sadly, San Francisco.

The 'Niners have had tough loses to New Orleans and Atlanta and blow-out loses to Kansas City and Seattle. Take a step back and you have a loss to the defending champ and 3-teams that can win their divisions. No, I don't think Seattle is THAT good - I just think everyone else is THAT bad. Arizona is down and starting a rookie quarterback and St. Louis is playing well but probably can't maintain it over the coarse of the season. San Francisco can still win the division and still has one more shot at the Seahawks at home, but for any of it to matter we have to win NOW!!!

The coach is on a hot seat -WIN and he's off if it. The quarterback is considering a bust - WIN and he's back in favor. The team can't finish the job - WIN and that's put to rest also. This team was expected to be run away winners of the division and go deep into the playoffs, now it's the first team of the season to be faced with a MUST WIN game. Win and there's hope - lose and it might be time to blow-up the whole thing and start with a new foundation.

One team is going to walk away with a lot of answers to some very important questions after Sunday's game. But if the Niners lose there's going to have to be some big changes and there's no question about that.


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