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It COULD Happen....maybe

by Eric Tellez

It's just after Thanksgiving and you can safely say that at least 10 teams are out of the playoff picture. Amazingly, despite trying everything in their power, the 49ers are not one of them. But that could all change tonight with a loss at Arizona. But that's getting ahead of ourselves, let's look at the picture as it is a few hours before game time.

Our heroes are only 1 and 1/2 games out of first place in the NFL's weakest division. Best case scenario would be winning the rest of the games and finishing with 9 wins, or losing ONE game against a non-divisional team and closing the season with 8 wins. It may seem like a lot to ask for but it could happen. St Louis, Seattle, Arizona have all shown signs of being beatable and the San Diego Chargers and Green Bay Packers are fantastic and talented but have also shown some signs of trouble. A split against the Chargers and the Packers isn't impossible, although if I were a betting man my money would be on the season being over before the 'Niners meet-up with the Chargers on December 16.

You have to remember that quarterback Troy Smith has a lot of walls to climb on his way to the top. He's small, doesn't have a total grasp of the offense, doesn't have a great deal of arm strength and is one of many former Heisman Trophy winning quarterbacks to be considered the product of a system and not outright ability. Let's face it, he isn't staring down the Youngstown State defense anymore. Even the die-hard fans have to admit that a team needing a winning streak is a not an ideal place for on the job training.

The only thing that we may have going for us at this point is that the Arizona Cardinals may be worse than we are! Their quarterback situation is just as bad, if not worse, than ours. The pass defense has holes bigger than ours and their running game seems to go flat for long stretches of time. It could be that the Arizona Cardinals may save our season by being worse and allowing time for us to GET BETTER (?)!

Sounds like a lot to ask. But it could happen. My expectations are that the Cardinals will lose and not because the 49ers are terrific, just better. But you have to watch out for expectations, everyone knows they can be a killer in this league.

Till Next Time

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