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49ers Get Their Man - Harbaugh to Coach

by Eric Tellez for 49ersmix.com

Coming from the depths of the 49ers "Saw This Coming But Never Saw This Coming" Department is news that the San Francisco 49ers have signed Stanford Head Coach Jim Harbaugh to a 5-year deal worth an estimated $5-million a year.

Harbaugh was by far the most sought after coach this off-season with his name being attached to the Miami Dolphins, the Denver Broncos, and his alma-mater the University of Michigan. And then the news broke that his starting, and soon to be NFL franchise, quarterback Andrew Luck was returning and things only got more complicated.

And of coarse, there were the 49ers, but it really was almost a too good to be true scenario for a lifelong 'Niners fan. Harbaugh coming from Stanford to take over a struggling team in search of an identity ties in just to well with the Bill Walsh story. Throw in that Alex Smith is going to either be replaced or demoted and Harbaugh has a reputation as a quarterback creator ties in perfectly yet again. Not to discount Harbaugh's reputation as the touch as nails Captain Comeback during his playing days.

There has been some negative comments; that nobody wants the Denver job and the responsibility of the Tim Tebow project, that nobody wants to jump head first into the AFC East with the Dolphins & that after this season things can only have gotten worse at Stanford. What's wrong with any of that? I think Harbaugh evaluating his options is something that we would all of done in the position, plus do we want an impulsive head coach?

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  1. Hot dang, that was a surprise that is a big time get. I loved it when they hired Singletary as well so hopefully it works out better this time. Harbaugh has shown more than Singletary did before being hired though. It shouldn't take much to get on top of the West the rest of the division isn't going up.

  2. I was really in favor of the Singletary hiring also. At the time the biggest criticism seemed to be the team was soft and Singletary radiated tough coach. I think the West is ready for a team to dominate it but I have to admit I never would of believed Seattle would knock off the Saints - Et

  3. I think Harbough made the right decision, this was the best job for him. He doesn't really have to move, he plays in a winnable conference. If he had gone to Michigan the pressure would have been insane for him and it isn't a great job right now with MSU being good making recruiting more difficult, look at the bum they had to take as their head coach.