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Cam Newton? Please Don't.

by Eric Tellez for NFLMIX.COM

Cam Newton's off-the-field issues don't worry me that much. For the past few days I've been talking to 'Niners fans about taking Auburn quarterback Cam Newton with the 7th pick of the 2011 NFL draft and they all start their arguments the same way: "Cam Newton's off-the-field issues don't worry me that much." Does that make anyone else but me uncomfortable? Does a collective fan base of people not worried about the same thing equal one large worry? I really don't know. But I do know that I don't want Cam Newton taking snaps for the 49ers next season, here's why.

The human species is made-up of three predominant brain types. There are "right brained" people that have their mood dictated by emotion, "left brained" people that have their mood dictated by logic, and "football brained" people that have their mood dictated by the NFL Draft.

Here's an example. Read the following passage:

CAM NEWTON - Quarterback - Auburn - 6', 6" - 250 pds.
An exceptionally gifted athlete that dominated the South Eastern Conference on his way to a national championship and Heisman Trophy in his 1-season as a starter.

If you are right brained you likely said something along the lines of "what a fantastic player", if you are left brained you likely said "the South Eastern Conference is the best conference by far in all of football" and if you're football brained you probably said "why did they call him an 'athlete' and not a 'quarterback?'" I consider myself a football minded person because the more I read that statement about Cam Newton the less my intuition trusts him as the man I want leading my team.

Would you be willing to turn over the keys to your offense to a player that had:
01) Has only 14Division 1 starts?
02) Played in a spread offense when your current roster was based on a power run?
03) Rarely been challenged with complex blitz packages?
04) A college offense that did not require multiple reads?
05) Taken most of his snaps from a shotgun formation?

While I believe that Cam Newton will make a good NFL quarterback I don't feel that San Francisco is the place for him to achieve any level of success. This team is just coming off a love-hate relationship with another 1st-rounder and should Newton show any signs of struggling the fans, team, and media are going to panic in a hurry. If it had not been for Alex Smith the 49ers might of been a decent fit for Newton but the patience just isn't there anymore. San Francisco needs a plug-in & play quarterback and not a project.

On the outside, Cam Newton might seem like a fairytale in the making. A handsome hero conquering his dragons and galloping in on his trusty steed to restore the golden era. On the inside, this damsel in distress has baggage and the good people of Candlestick Kingdom don't want to hear another king proclaim "just give him more time" before being beheaded.

Till next time. Email me at footballfanpress@yahoo.com to talk football anytime! Et

1 comment:

  1. Sorry but Cam reminds me of the other epic bust of a QB in the Bay area, heck no don't draft him. Look he might become great but we need more of a sure thing than this guy. Let Harbaugh draft a QB later and try and make him great while he makes a vet pretty good.