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Niners May Look For Steal At Runningback

by Eric Tellez for NFLMIX.COM

Imagine a world where runningback Frank Gore was the premier ball carrier and versatile threat Brian Westbrook came in on 3rd downs. Most would tell you that would be a dream come true....3-or-4 years ago. Looking forward towards next season the runningback situation is as cloudy as it's ever been in 'Ninerland.

Before we go much further, I want to come clean and say that Frank Gore IS still a fantastic player and even though he finished the season on the disabled list I'm not worried about his injury history. If you think back to not too long ago you'll remember that Gore was considered a risk around draft time because of a collegiate injury and many teams stayed away from him. If there's one thing that Gore has shown is that he can play with the pain and injuries don't seem to linger with this guy. But for how long?

When is the toll of being "the guy" for "so long" going to take its toll on Gore and when is he going to take that hit that changes things forever. What if he already has? I'm not playing Ms. Cleo and saying that Gore is going to have to 1-day be carried of the field, I'm saying 1-day Gore is not going to be the same back he is now. And if that day is sooner rather than later ? Who is left to pick up the pieces? Brian Westbrook.

I'm a huge B-West fan, I have been since he was at Villanova. But a guy with a history of concussions and a lot of wear on the tires worries me. And to make things worse, he may not even WANT to come back to San Francisco. He could look for a better situation with another team or he could take a similar roll with another team for a chance at a title. I love my 49ers but if Westbrook opens the door one day to find Bill Belichick or Mike Tomlin standing there with flowers and a box of chocolates I wouldn't blame him for bolting. (Pardon the expression Chargers fans). As long as Westbrook remains a mystery the answer to the riddle remains Anthony Dixon or the empty locker once used by Glen Coffee.

There are other concerns for the 'Niners; perhaps a corner or maybe a quarterback early. But don't be surprised if we take a runningback somewhere in the middle that's expected to contribute early.

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