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The Alex Smith Soap Opera

by Eric Tellez for NFLMIX.COM

Alex Smith.
Do I like Alex Smith? The answer would be yes. Do I think Alex Smith can be a good quarterback in the NFL? The answer would again be yes. Do I want Alex Smith quarterbacking my team? That would be a no. But it's not because I don't think he can do the job.

Like all relationships the strength is in the details. A person not intimately familiar with the inner workings doesn't really know what's going on but it seems like this is the perfect opportunity for this team to cut ties while not totally tainting Alex Smith's chance at redemption. If Alex Smith is not re-signed he could go to any team and say "Look, new coach, new system, he wants his people and I'm not one of them." But if San Francisco keeps Alex Smith, even if it's just for one more season, and things don't out work that closes the book on Smith. At that point, he becomes too much of a risk for a team to take a chance on. There would be too much baggage and too many missed opportunities. This is the perfect time to make a perfect exit.

I really want Smith to have a fresh start. I know that his struggles in San Francisco aren't entirely his fault. He had some pretty bad offensive lines, next to zero consistency at the offensive co-coordinator position, and some talent that was either under qualified, over appreciated, and in some cases down right over matched. Throw in the injuries and you have what amounts to what we have now; a team in need of a new direction and a player that has earned his right to look for a fresh start. If the 49ers are hoping to keep Smith for a season, just because their waiting for something better it's the wrong thing to do. Everyone envolved; the fans, the players and the franchise deserve better.

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  1. This ninera have great defense, but realy they cant even score touchdowns in the red zone, plus alex stinks at long passes, if u ask me i think the niners r wasting there time in the playoffs, if they dont get there offense going n im mean in the passing game.and redzone there gona get blown away i dont care what there defense do, as division champs i think its a fluke

  2. Forty miners kick return man need to kill himself pronto! Don't matter how,you don't belong on a football field!